1. Physical: You need to bring a copy of your most current physical.  You can use the VHSL form. The physical date must be within one calendar year of camp.  Make sure it is a copy; keep the original for your school.  

  2. Medications: If your child will have any medication (prescription or over the counter) with them at camp, you must fill out the medication form provided.  This should be sent with your child to camp on Sunday during registration. These will remain on file with our Athletic trainers.  We will have three licensed athletic trainers on campus throughout the week.  If there are any medical needs for your camper and you would like to speak with a trainer, trainers will be available during check-in on Sunday to talk with parents.

  3. Room keys and swipe cards will be provided.  Bring $70.00 for a key & swipe card deposit, which will be refunded to you when you turn your key in at the end of the week.  You may pay with either cash or check. Checks need to be made separate from registration money and are to be made out to EMU. (Note this is a change in amount from EMU from past years)

  4. Bedding: sheets for a twin bed, blanket, and pillow

  5. Shower items: at least two towels, shampoo, soap, washcloth

  6. Running outfits (you will run twice a day)

  7. At least two pairs of broken in running shoes and plenty of socks 

  8. Speed camp participants bring spikes and/or jump shoes

  9. Jacket, sweatshirt, rain gear 

  10. Casual clothes and shoes

  11. Sleepwear 

  12. Water bottle and drawstring bag to carry around belongings (make sure they are labeled) 

  13. Personal items: sunscreen, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc

  14. You may bring snacks and drinks that you can leave in your room or place in the lounge refrigerators.  If you use these refrigerators, make sure to label all of your items.   

  15. Spending money is needed if you wish to shop in the camp store or take advantage of the pizza delivery services available each night.  A camp T-shirt, water bottle and a few other items are included in your fee along. Other shirts, shorts, hats, books, etc. will be available for sale at the camp store, most items range from $10.00 to $50.00.  A privately owned running store in Virginia (Lucky Road) will be at camp all week. They will have many running apparel items as well as shoes for sale. They take cash, check, or credit card.

  16. A coin operated laundry facility; snack area, rec room, track, and other recreational facilities will be available for your use.

  17. A swimsuit and towel

What should I bring to camp?